Below you will find just a sample of what you might expect to see on our tours


Birds of Snowdonia


Chough - One of North Wales’ most sought after bird. With it’s aerial acrobatics and distinctive cry. With Snowdonia and Anglesey it’s main stronghold in the UK.

Ring Ouzel - This summer visitor has declined over the years but can still be found in some disused quarries and upland valleys.

Peregrine Falcon - A powerful falcon which has suffered badly over the years due to persecution, but has made a good recovery here in the wilderness of Snowdonia.


Merlin - This small falcon can be seen hunting small birds over the moors. If you’re lucky!

Black Grouse - An early start is a must to see this handsome bird. Due to habitat management, numbers have increased in recent years.

Black Guillemot - This handsome bird is at its most southerly point here in North Wales. With only a handful of sites on Anglesey.

Osprey - See the only breeding pair of ospreys in Wales from a public viewpoint in the Glaslyn Valley.

Puffin – Everybody’s favourite bird, with its unmistakeable clown like face. Only to be found at a few locations on Anglesey.

Hen Harrier - There’s no sight better than seeing a male hen harrier drifting over the moor in search of prey.

Red Grouse - Declining fast over the UK, more often heard than seen, until one shoots out of the heather.


Lakes and Rivers

Red Kite - With its 2m wingspan and its forked tail, this beautiful raptor has made a remarkable recovery from the brink of extinction.

Goosander - A handsome duck of freshwater lakes. A secret location gives awesome pictures to the photographer down to 2m.


Yellowhammer - Once a common farmland bird, with its beautiful song and yellow breast, is now on the red list species.

Wood Warbler - Another Welsh oak speciality, arriving early May.

Pied Flycatcher - A welsh oak speciality, this striking little black and white bird arrives in mid April from Africa.

Redstart - With its beautiful song, black mask and red chest, again a summer visitor to the Welsh oak woodland.

Hawfinch - A rather shy and difficult bird to see, with its huge bill and salmon colour.

Cuckoo - Once the sound of summer, once common in the UK, sadly declining fast.


Nightjar - An evening can be arranged to search for this weird and wonderful bird. The churring of the nightjar can be heard on heaths and commons, also expect to see owls and possibly a roding Woodcock.


Insect repellent and a torch is a must

Goshawk - this elusive raptor is best seen displaying in spring over a woodland.

Crossbill - Usually heard first flying overhead, this striking bird feeds acrobatically, fluttering from cone to cone.


Animals we have seen on our tours have included

Rabbit, Brown Hare, Fox, Badger, Polecat, Weasel, Stoat, Grey and Red squirrel, Harbour Porpoise and Dolphins with also an array of Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies

Other Wildlife



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Bonapartes gull, Red breasted flycatcher, Firecrest, Hooded crow, Rose colured starling, Roseate tern, American golden plover, Glossy ibis, surf scoter and Bean goose

 A small list of rare birds seen on our tours in the last few years...